AS Biology 2.1.2 Biological Molecules

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1. Which of these is NOT a characteristic of monosaccharides?

  • Water-solubility
  • Insolubility in non-polar substances
  • Solubility in non-polar substances
  • They taste sweet
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2. Give two properties of a disaccharide

  • strong, insoluble
  • sweet, soluble
  • sweet, insoluble

3. What is the product of beta glucose + beta glucose?

  • Cellobiose
  • Lactose
  • Ribose

4. When two monosaccharides join to make a disaccharide, which type of reaction occurs?

  • A condensation reaction
  • A hydrolysis reaction

5. How does the structure of cellulose (in straight chains) aid its function?

  • Many polymers in a chain held by hydrogen bonds adds a lot of strength to cell walls supporting turgid cells
  • The straight chains give plant cells more surface area to take up water and minerals


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