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2. What conclusion of the Chinese Room Argument relates to the Turing Test?

  • Turing's Test only applies to machines with video and audio input
  • The room satisfies the Turing Test for understanding Chinese, but doesn't understand it
  • The room does not satisfy the Turing Test for understanding Chinese

3. According to the computational theory of mind, what is thought?

  • The recognition and manipulation of thoughts on the basis of their syntactic properties
  • A highly sophisticated computer program, which has greater causal powers than any machine ever could
  • Thought is purely semantic

4. What is a Turing Machine?

  • A computer which has successfully beaten many humans at chess
  • A system which operates according to a machine table which specifies input and output
  • A hypothetical system which would be a complete reproduction of the human brain, in silicon

5. What did Putnam say any minded system could be seen as?

  • A Turing Machine
  • A Chinese Room
  • A ghost in the machine


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