Aristophanes and Lamachus

1. Why were military generals and officers elected?

  • The job required skill
  • The members of the Assembly demanded it
  • The job required general popularity
  • The Assembly could not afford to fund the military
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2. Which is the first accusation Aristophanes makes of Lamachus in the opening scene?

  • Blackmailing the soldiers and citizens of Athens
  • Earning a profit from his role as military general
  • Beginning the War by stealing a Megarian slave
  • Stealing food from the Athenians by making peace with Sparta

3. How does Aristophanes present Lamachus as a personification of war?

  • Covered in cuts and bruises
  • With one arm and two spears
  • With a gorgon on his shield and feather plumes on his helmet
  • With ten swords and a war horn

4. What does Lamachus' name mean?

  • Great Fighter
  • Cowardly Fighter
  • King of the waves
  • Bald Man

5. What does Aristophanes accuse Lamachus of second in the opening scene?

  • Secretly making peace with the Spartans
  • Staying at home and not going to fight at all
  • Avoiding battle by going places where there was no fighting
  • Blackmailing the members of the Assembly


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