Arguments for God

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God exists, as we feel guilt, responsibility and shame towards him
John Henry Newman
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God's existence is a second order predicate, not first order
Gottlob Frege
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One cannot claim every effect has a cause; and even if they did, an imperfect world implies an imperfect designer
David Hume
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God is something (what caused him?) or nothing (and can't have caused the universe)
Martin Lee
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With evil's existence, we must deny either God's omnipotence or omnibenevolence
John Stuart Mill
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A necessary God can't be caused by anything. His existence is necessary or impossible, but a necessary God can't be impossible- God necessarily exists
Norman Malcolm
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If humanitarianism (fighting a plague sent by God) is right, theism (not fighting it, alongside a priest) is wrong
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'That which nothing greater can be conceived' is only the totality of ideas conceivable to the finite human mind
Bertrand Russell
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Every thumb is uniquely designed- God, not random chance, could have caused this
Issac Newton
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God has all perfections. Existence is a perfection; therefore, God exists
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A good God cannot create a world so imperfect
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People are conscious of absolute moral law, even if they break it. No finite mind grasps the entire representation, but ideas exist only in the mind- there must be a supreme infinite mind in which absolute moral law exists
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God's existence is a second order predicate, not first order

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