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2. B-What is a Tri-tone?

  • An interval of 3 full tones
  • Three notes played together
  • Three Tones

3. S- Which of these isn't a feature of Expressionism?

  • Extreme Dynamics
  • Atonal
  • Quite Short
  • Balenced Forms
  • Klangfarbenmelodie
  • One Intense Emotion per piece

4. R- The Live guitar plays a ..?... Melody?

  • Resultant
  • Impressive
  • Homophonic
  • Firey

5. S- Describe the Dynamics of this Piece?

  • Fragmented and Often Ignored
  • Careful and Subtle
  • Wide Extremes ,with sudden changes
  • Filled with Cresendos and Diminuendos




Balance not balence, but thanks for the quiz

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