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2. S- Name 2 reasons to dislike this piece?

  • No Key & Clashing Melodies
  • Minor Key & No Clear Beats
  • Played Forcefully & Weak Dynamics
  • It's just not a good piece

3. B- TWO ideas of how the mood of excitement and anticipation are created within the piece?

  • Long Rhythmic Riffs & Slow Tempo
  • Fast Tempo & Ostinati
  • Accents & Long Slow Vocal Phrases

4. B- What Key is it in?

  • D major
  • E minor
  • C major
  • F major

5. R- What is the Texture of the Piece?

  • Monophonic , One simple Piano Line
  • Texture Builds throughout the piece but is mainly Polyphonic
  • It has 5 layers , so layered
  • Texture is stable , but Homophonic



Balance not balence, but thanks for the quiz

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