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2. B- TWO ideas of how the mood of excitement and anticipation are created within the piece?

  • Fast Tempo & Ostinati
  • Accents & Long Slow Vocal Phrases
  • Long Rhythmic Riffs & Slow Tempo

3. R- Give two techniques used in this Music?

  • Looping and Multi-Tracking.
  • Pizzicato and Syncopation
  • Layers and Extreme dynamics

4. S- Which of these isn't a feature of Expressionism?

  • Quite Short
  • Balenced Forms
  • Klangfarbenmelodie
  • Atonal
  • One Intense Emotion per piece
  • Extreme Dynamics

5. S- What is a Hexachord?

  • Groups of 6 notes are used in one chord
  • 6 chords all place at one on different instruments
  • When 7 notes are played in One Chord.



Balance not balence, but thanks for the quiz

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