Archaeology - Greek 1

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1. Where is an Architrave on a building?

  • an arch, either decorative or fundimental
  • the base of a metope
  • a main beam resting across the tops of columns.
  • another term to describe supporting columns
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2. Where is the Greek colony of Metapontum located?

  • West coast of Italy
  • Sicily
  • South coast of Italy
  • East coast of Italy

3. Bothros?

  • The sacred enclosure around a temple
  • The entrance to a sacred enclosure
  • A sacred pit, usually for votives or sacrifical remains
  • The sacred image of the deity, usually fashioned out of wood

4. Krepidoma?

  • a triangular shape, placed above the horizontal structure of the entablature, typically supported by columns
  • the vertically channeled tablets of the Doric frieze
  • the platform on which the superstructure of the building is erected
  • the topmost member of a column

5. Negotiation?

  • The practice of identifying the work of different artistic 'hands' in the archaeological record, based on the accumulated knowledge of the individual researcher.
  • When an artefact of one material is crafted in imitation of the appearance of an artefact of another material, usually of higher value.
  • When the meaning of use of an artefact is changed by a society.
  • The right to return to one's country of origin.
  • The practice of coastal trading by which small vessels load and off-load various commodities in different ports.


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