Archaeology 2

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1. It is believed that the Mycenaean civilization came to an end because the mainland was invaded by Dorian Greeks from the north. True or False?

  • False, there is no evidence of a single coherent invasion
  • True
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2. What was a 'peak sanctuary' in the late bronze age Crete?

  • places for cult worship and group sacrifices
  • places for rituals and offerings on hill tops and mountain sides
  • shrines to specific gods on raised grounds
  • temples on moutain tops

3. Where was a Kernos stone found?

  • The Palace of Quartier Mu
  • The Palace of Malia
  • The Palace of Mycenae
  • The Palace of Knossos

4. What were Cycladic 'frying pans' used for?

  • Used for funerals, found in burials possibly at symbol of wealth
  • Used for rituals, to give offerings to the gods
  • Unknown, looked like frying pans, found in burials, possible ritualistic
  • Used like an actual frying pan

5. What is the name of the painted sarcophagus showing scenes of a procession of people with offerings in front of alters?

  • The Myrtos sarcophagus
  • The Quartier Mu sarcophagus
  • The Hagia Triada sarcophagus
  • The Ulu Burun sarcophagus


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