Archaeology 2

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1. The Quartier Mu is a complex of industrial, cult and residential buildings adjacent to which Minoan Palace?

  • The Palace of Quartier Mu
  • The Palace of Knossos
  • The Palace of Malia
  • The Palace at Mycenae
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2. What was a 'peak sanctuary' in the late bronze age Crete?

  • places for rituals and offerings on hill tops and mountain sides
  • temples on moutain tops
  • shrines to specific gods on raised grounds
  • places for cult worship and group sacrifices

3. What were Cycladic 'frying pans' used for?

  • Unknown, looked like frying pans, found in burials, possible ritualistic
  • Used for rituals, to give offerings to the gods
  • Used like an actual frying pan
  • Used for funerals, found in burials possibly at symbol of wealth

4. What cargo was found from the Ulu Burun shipwreck off the southern coast of Turkey?

  • hippopotamus teeth, tortoise eggs, jewelry, pottery
  • Pottery, weapons, tin ingots, tortoise eggs, frying pans
  • copper, tin, glass ingots, ivory, ostrich eggs, pottery
  • glass ingots, ivory, oil, crocodile teeth, beer caskets

5. What were the functions of the Mycenaean palaces?

  • council house and law court
  • centers of government, shrines, workshops, storage spaces
  • houses of rich elite and acted as their private workshops
  • house of leader or government housing, temples, storage spaces


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