Ara Pacis

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1. What procession of people is not seen on the frieze?

  • The Julian-Claudian family with respectfully bowed heads
  • The Roman Army
  • Men, women and children seen in formal togas
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2. Why were the stories of the founding of Rome including Romulus and Remus and Roman Kings included?

  • Show Augustus had restored the republic
  • To show how Rome was being reborn
  • Augustus claimed he was a descendant from Romulus and Remus

3. Who can be seen on the front of the Ara Pacis ?

  • Mother Earth
  • Apollo
  • Athena
  • Augustus

4. What is the translation of 'Ara Pacis'?

  • Altar of Peace
  • Augustus's Altar
  • Temple of Augustus

5. What was depicted at the bottom of the Ara Pacis?

  • Parthians returning the lost eagles
  • Blooming flowers and crops
  • Fallen Gallic Troops


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