AQA The Living World

Ahhh the world we are living in :) x Hope this helps it's based on AQA exam board so good luck :) ***

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1. A Producer lives off animals to survive

  • False
  • True
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2. A Consumer...

  • Gets energy by eating other organisms
  • Gets energy from the sun
  • eats all the donuts in your fridge
  • Steals money

3. What happens with dead material?

  • monkeys hide them
  • It evaporates
  • It gets broken down into nutrients
  • It gets hoovered up

4. Nutrients in the soil are taken up by trees and used for growth

  • True
  • False

5. Which of the following are ecosystems?

  • Temperate Deciduous forest
  • All of them
  • Hot Desert
  • Tropical Rainforests



Good review of scheme


This is really useful for last min revision

Annie Louise

Really great. Very helpful.

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