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2. What is the coloured ring of muscle that controls the amount of light entering the eye?

  • Iris
  • Pupil
  • Cornea

3. Convex lens refract the light to ....

  • Converge to a point
  • Diverge away from a point
  • Become parallel

4. When the image is formed where the light rays appear to come from the image is called.....

  • Virtual
  • Real
  • Magnified

5. What carries nerve impulses from the retina to the brain?

  • The optic nerve
  • The pupil
  • The cornea


Miss KHP


This is for students studying GCSE Physics (4603)

This specification is for centres outside England and can be sat in modules.

Take a quiz and test yourself. You may like to do it a few times until practice makes perfect.



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