AQA Biology Unit 5

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1. How is resting potential established in an axon?

  • Active transport of potassium ions out of an axon
  • Active transport of sodium ions into an axon
  • Active transport of sodium ions out of an axon
  • Diffusion of sodium ions out of an axon
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2. What is an antigen?

  • I came here for unit 5 and do not remember the answer for this question, I mean who cares if this is a synoptic unit with a big essay question at the end
  • A pathogen
  • A protein on the cell surface membrane triggering an immune response
  • A protein on the surface of a cell

3. How does insulin affect blood glucose levels?

  • Lowers blood glucose levels
  • Causes glycogenolysis to occur
  • Increases blood glucose levels
  • Causes gluconeogenesis to occur

4. What bond is between amino acids

  • Hydrogen bond
  • Peptide bond
  • Disulphide bond
  • Ionic bond

5. What is recombinant DNA?

  • Restriction enzymes
  • A bacterial plasmid
  • Sections of DNA from two species
  • A vector



sass master, good quiz though thank you

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