AQA Biology Unit 5

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1. How does panting lead to heat loss?

  • Evaporation of water from the lining of the mouth, heat transferred from blood
  • Causes vasoconstriction
  • Increases thirst so organism drinks more to cool self down
  • Activates the heat gain centre in hypothalamus
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2. What is meant by refractory period?

  • Polarisation
  • No new action potentials produced in this time
  • Threshold potential
  • A levels that needs to be over come to produce a action potential

3. How does insulin affect blood glucose levels?

  • Causes gluconeogenesis to occur
  • Causes glycogenolysis to occur
  • Lowers blood glucose levels
  • Increases blood glucose levels

4. What is the role of troponin?

  • To bind to Calcuim ions causing tropmyosin to move, exposing actin binding sites
  • To bind to tropmyosin
  • To form a cross bridge between myosin and troponin
  • To activate ATPase

5. What is a Codon?

  • Three paired bases forming an amino aicd
  • Freeflloating RNA nucleotides
  • Three unpaired bases on mRNA that code for an amino acid
  • Three unpaired bases on tRNA that code for an amino acid




sass master, good quiz though thank you

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