AQA Biology Unit 5


1. What is a Codon?

  • Freeflloating RNA nucleotides
  • Three unpaired bases on tRNA that code for an amino acid
  • Three unpaired bases on mRNA that code for an amino acid
  • Three paired bases forming an amino aicd
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2. How does mRNA move out of the nucleus?

  • Through a nuclear pore
  • It doesnt, it undergoes translation in the nucleus
  • Through a channel protein
  • Through a carrier protein

3. What is recombinant DNA?

  • A vector
  • Sections of DNA from two species
  • A bacterial plasmid
  • Restriction enzymes

4. When the sarcomeres contract what happens to the length of the I band?

  • It stays the same
  • No idea
  • It decreases
  • It increases

5. Name the enzyme used to convert mRNA into cDNA

  • Reverse Transcriptase
  • Restriction Endonuclease
  • DNA Ligase
  • RNA Polymerase




sass master, good quiz though thank you

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