AQA Biology Unit 5

1. Which is a difference between mRNA and tRNA?

  • tRNA has a codon, mRNA has an anticodon
  • mRNA has an amino acid binding site, tRNA doesnt
  • tRNA as hydrogen bonds, mRNA doesnt
  • tRNA is linear,mRNA is clover-leafed shaped
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2. Describe how hormones and local chemical mediators reach the cells they affect

  • Both diffuse into cells from the blood
  • Active Transport
  • Hormones in the blood, L.C.M spread by diffusion.
  • Hormones spread by diffusion, L.C.M in the blood

3. Why do cone cells have a higher level of visual acuity?

  • Rhodopsin is bleached at a high light intenisty
  • Each cone cell is conneted to an individual neurone
  • Rhodopsin is bleached at a low light intenisty
  • Several cone cells are connected to one bipolar cell

4. Define Tropism

  • Muscular Contractions
  • A growth movement of part of a plant in response to a directional stimulus
  • A movement that bares some relationship to the location of the stimulus
  • Random movement in response to a stimulus

5. What is recombinant DNA?

  • A vector
  • Restriction enzymes
  • Sections of DNA from two species
  • A bacterial plasmid




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