AQA Biology B3 Revision

A quiz to help revise AQA B3 Biology. Covers most of the topics.

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1. What is the fuel substance in biogas?

  • Helium
  • Methane
  • Water Vapour
  • Carbon Dioxide
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2. If air is present during the production of biogas, this causes a high concentration of carbon dioxide to be produced because...

  • Carbon dioxide is attracted to air and seeps into the container.
  • Air contains oxygen, which encourages aerobic bacteria to respire. This produces carbon dioxide.
  • Air contains water vapour, which aerobic bacteria use to respire, producing carbon dioxide.
  • Air contains oxygen, which anaerobic bacteria use to respire, producing carbon dioxide.

3. Ultrafiltration is...

  • When a high pressure is built up in the blood vessels, which forces substances out of the blood and into the Bowman's capsule.
  • When water is reabsorbed back into the blood.
  • When ultraviolet light is used to filter water.
  • When a high pressure is built up in the nephrons, forcing substances back into the blood.

4. Which substance is NOT meant to be filtered out of the blood?

  • Water
  • Protein
  • Ions
  • Urea
  • Glucose

5. What is the name of the bacteria added to milk to make yoghurt?

  • George
  • Lactobacillus Casei
  • Fusarium
  • Cellulitis




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