AQA A2 Sociology Unit 3 - Marxism

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1. Name a criticism of the Marxist theory?

  • Ethnocentric
  • Ignores the positive, Psychological function
  • does not take into account gender
  • Will not work in modern day society, only works in communism
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2. Why is religion seen as an Opiot?

  • Dulls the pain of exploitation
  • Offers no solution to exploitation
  • Promises Sadness

3. What does Lenin look at?

  • Protestant work ethic
  • Spiritual Gin
  • Social Control

4. Religion is the opium....

  • of the people
  • of society and its norms
  • to the higher dominance

5. How does False Class Conciousness work?

  • Allows for the working class to own their wares
  • Distraction though media and allows them to accept place in society
  • Distorts view so they believe they are actually dominant


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