AQA A2 Sociology Unit 3 - Functionalism

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1. In what two situations does psychological function perform its role?

  • Times of War, Fear
  • Life crisis, Uncontrollable events
  • Life Crisis, Uncertainty in community
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2. What does the Post Modernist Mestrovic criticise?

  • Does not explain liberation theology
  • Theory cannot be applied to contemporary society
  • Does not explain conflict through religion

3. What does religion help maintain?

  • Discipline, Falsification, Order
  • Value consensus, Order, Solidarity
  • Moral Code, False Class Conscience, Patriarchy

4. What is a criticism of the functionalism approach?

  • Bias in results
  • Reductionist
  • Ignores the negative
  • Does not take into account gender

5. What does Bellah 1970 look at?

  • Patriarchy in religion
  • Spiritual gin
  • Civil religion
  • Uncontrollable events


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