AQA A2 Sociology Unit 3 - Beliefs - Social Groups - Age

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1. What does Lynch believe about young people finding religion?

  • They find it through fashion, music and other secular interests
  • Find religion through NAMS and NRMS
  • Find religion through family values and norms
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2. Who states that young people want to have a pick 'n' mix approach to religion?

  • Giddens
  • Lyotard
  • Miller
  • Parsons

3. Young indivuduals are attracted to NRMS and NAMS, but which group is different?

  • Evangelical's between 14-25
  • Young Muslims
  • Middle Class Christians

4. Who came up with term Believing without Belonging?

  • Davie
  • Wilcoxon
  • Willis
  • Lyotard

5. Individuals under 34 have what?

  • The lowest levels of belief in God
  • The highest levels of belief in God


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