AQA A2 Sociology Unit 3 - Beliefs - Social groups - Women in Religion

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1. What does Turner say about self discipline in religion?

  • Presence of women makes it harder to police the body
  • Self discipline in sexuality is the centre of religion
  • Roman Catholics are expected to be celibate
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2. What do feminists say about Religion and Patriarchy?

  • As long as God is linked to masculinity there will be no equality
  • As long as there separate laws for genders, there will be no equality
  • Until everything is equalized in religion there will be no equality in society

3. What does El Saadawwi say about monotheistic religions?

  • Caused a fall in patriarchal ways
  • Gained equality for women
  • Rise to patriarchy and male dominance
  • Caused the subordination of women

4. What does Lelia Badawi say about the veil in relation to religion?

  • The veil is seen as a way for women to integrate into society
  • Some aspects of religion are positive to women
  • All aspects of religion are oppressive to women

5. Who states that the veil is seen as a "uniform of transition?"

  • El Saadawwi
  • Simone De Beauvoir
  • Lelia Ahmed
  • Lelia Badawwi


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