AQA A2 Sociology Unit 3 - Beliefs - Secularisation - Globalisation

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1. What are the two types of fundamentalism?

  • Western and third world
  • Western and Eastern
  • First world and Third World
  • Religious and Non religious
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2. Why does Hinduism thrive even though there is a rapid economic boom

  • Modood et al - Seen as fashionable
  • Nanda - Seen as Fashionable and pro-prosperity
  • Nanda - Still divided some are still in poverty

3. What does Bruce see fundamentalism as?

  • A form of cultural hybridity
  • A form of cultural amnesia
  • A form of cultural defence
  • A form of cultural transition

4. Why does Western fundamentalism occur?

  • Divide in values and beliefs
  • Due to social change
  • A reaction to a change

5. What does fundamentalists give its followers?

  • Helps cope with racism and gives a work hard ethic
  • Certainty in an uncertain world
  • Helps cope with diversity


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