AQA A2 Sociology Unit 3 - Beliefs - Secularisation Part Three

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1. Who looked at church attendance, and saw that many exaggerated their church attendance to be socially desirable?

  • Rosenhan et al
  • Stark and Bainbridge
  • Hadaway et al
  • Willis
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2. Name one criticism of secularisation

  • Believing without belonging
  • Religion is not declining, it's just changing
  • Religion is the same now as previous years, people just don't attend church

3. Which two counter trends does Bruce identity and how do they work?

  • Cultural Diversity - Change in society Cultural Defence - Defending faith
  • Cultural defence - defending your faith Cultural Transistion - Helps ease into new community
  • Cultural hybridity - Two cultures Cultural Defence - Defending your faith

4. Who believes that diversity can cause individuals to abandon their religion

  • Kelling and Wilson
  • Beckford
  • James

5. Who criticises Bruce on his two counter trends and why?

  • Berger - Diversity can stimulate interest as there is more to choose from
  • Berger - Diversity causes further secularisation
  • Browning - Secularisations only occurs in modern societies


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