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2. Why is Seculariation lower in the US?

  • Davie - They have a lot of diversity, that allows for more choice
  • Wilson - It's an American way of life - Socially Desirable
  • Wilcox - It's and American way of life

3. Name one criticism of secularisation

  • Believing without belonging
  • Religion is not declining, it's just changing
  • Religion is the same now as previous years, people just don't attend church

4. Who looked at church attendance, and saw that many exaggerated their church attendance to be socially desirable?

  • Rosenhan et al
  • Stark and Bainbridge
  • Hadaway et al
  • Willis

5. Which two counter trends does Bruce identity and how do they work?

  • Cultural Diversity - Change in society Cultural Defence - Defending faith
  • Cultural defence - defending your faith Cultural Transistion - Helps ease into new community
  • Cultural hybridity - Two cultures Cultural Defence - Defending your faith


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