AQA A2 Sociology Unit 3 - Beliefs - Secularisation Part Two

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1. What did Parsons look at about the influence that religion used to have on society?

  • Structural Differences - Religion has changed in approach in society i.e. using technology
  • Structural Differentiation - Withdrawn from education and welfare
  • Structural Differentiation - Only used in private education
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2. What term did Lyon come up with to explain how relgion has changed to fit in with society?

  • Disneyfication
  • Structural Disneyfication
  • Alternative Structure

3. What is Disenchantment and who came up with the term?

  • Bruce - Replacing supernatural with rational thoughts
  • Weber - Replacing Magic with science
  • Weber - having a scientific look on religion

4. How does cultural diversity effect religion and increase secularisation?

  • Undermines idea of one true religion
  • Alters the approach to one God theory
  • Causes a Pick 'n' Mix society

5. Who looked at Industrialisation and its effects on society?

  • Jones
  • Bruce
  • Cater et al
  • Modood et al


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