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2. Which ideologies see scientific as serving the interests of dominant groups?

  • Post Modernists and Femenists
  • Neo Marxists and Functionalists
  • Marxists and Femenists
  • Marxists and Functionalists

3. Who criticises the idea that capitalism is bad and why?

  • Abercrombie et al - Dominant Ideology theory - Gives working class emplyment
  • Abercrombie et al - Gives the working class a change to earn money
  • D'alton et al - Helps the working class to achieve

4. What is Hegemony and Who came up with the term?

  • Gramsci - Using relative autonomy to overthrow the ruling class
  • Gramsci - Intelligensia overthrowing the ruling class as they recognise their expolitation
  • Gramsci - Working class overthrowing ruling class due to revolutionary potential

5. Who does science distort the truth?

  • Only look at one sided ideas
  • Will adapt their research to fit a hypothesis
  • High constructed research


Ellena Naylor


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