AQA A2 Sociology Unit 3 - Beliefs - Ideology 2

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1. What two ideas do ruling class ideologies have?

  • Equality won't work is a communist society and there has to be dominance in order for society to work
  • Victim blaming and Equality is against human nature
  • Victimisation of the poor and The poor are Dumb theory
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2. Who do Marxists believe the conflict is between?

  • Ruling class and the working class
  • The elite and the Intelligensia
  • The ruling class and the government

3. Which ideologies see scientific as serving the interests of dominant groups?

  • Neo Marxists and Functionalists
  • Marxists and Functionalists
  • Marxists and Femenists
  • Post Modernists and Femenists

4. How to the working class want to change this type of society?

  • Communism
  • Capitalism
  • Fundamentalism

5. What do feminists see as the main problem in society?

  • Patriarchy causing female oppression
  • Equality is not strong enough
  • The male gender in general


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