AQA A2 Sociology Unit 3 - Beliefs - Ideology

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1. What are fabrication of facts?

  • When the research is highly constructed to get the result
  • When the research is biased due to evidence
  • Bias due to funding and opportunity
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2. Who criticises Popper on the idea that science is an Open belief system and why?

  • Giddens - As an open belief system doesn't always need evidence
  • Kuhn - As it have monopoly on many theories
  • Kuhn - Science is socially contructed
  • James - As science is socially constructed

3. What is an open belief system?

  • Science - Theories are open to scrutiny and change and are not the full truth
  • Science - Theories that believe they are true and don't change
  • Religion - Beliefs that are open to change

4. Who supports Kuhns claim about Paradigms and why?

  • Nedrick - Look to evidence to prove their theories
  • Karin Knorr-Centina - Fabrication of facts
  • Giddens - Falsify their findings to make the answers valid

5. What are closed belief systems?

  • Science - Believe that their theory is the only way
  • Religion - Claim the absolute truth
  • Religion - Open to scrutiny


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