AQA A2 Sociology Unit 3 - Beliefs - Growth of NRMs and NAMs & Cults

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1. How are NAMs seen as modernisation?

  • Identity, Consumerist Culture, Rapid Social Change and Secularisation
  • Self Spirituality, Secularisation, Loss of faith in Metanarrative
  • Lack of Religion, Rapid Social Change, loss in community
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2. Who said " NAMs are an extension of the beauty parlour, the doctors surgery and the gym. They are not real religions"

  • Bruce
  • Wallis
  • Wilson
  • Niebuhr

3. What does Post Modernist Drane say about the church?

  • Loss of faith in meta narrative - Failed to fufill spirituality
  • Loss in community - People no longer see religion as important
  • Loss in generation - Youth see church as boring and NRMs and different

4. Are NAMs seen as Pick 'n' Mix spiritual shopping?

  • Yes
  • No

5. What was Heelas & Woodheads study on NAMs called?

  • NRMs & NAMs effects on societies faith
  • Kendel Project
  • Self Preservation Project


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