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2. What are the three types of NRMs?

  • World accommodating, world dismissal, world solidarity
  • World accommodating , world rejecting, world affirming
  • World equality, world rejecting, world differences

3. What did Wilson 2003 outline about how sects establish themselves?

  • Socialize their children and stay apart from the outside world
  • Are world accommodating, but live in tight knit communities
  • Marginalise themselves from society, as they see it as corupt

4. Why do sects die out?

  • Second generation, Protestant work ethic and Death of leader
  • Lack of interest, not enough time, not enough people
  • Second genoration, disinterest, death of leader

5. Who believes that youths join NRMs as they feel marginalised by society?

  • Wallis
  • Chambliss
  • Bird
  • Calloway


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