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6. What do Cohen and Kennedy see the rise of fundermentalism linking to?

  • Fear in the increase of women's freedom, undermines moral values
  • Fear in rise against patriarchy
  • Attraction to traditional roles of women - Nurturing

7. Who states that; women are more interested in religion, have more commitment and attend church more often?

  • Aune et al
  • Jacobson et al
  • Miller and Hoffman
  • Greeley

8. What three type of women does Woodhead outline?

  • Home centred, Juggler, Work centered
  • Community centred, Child centred, Work centred
  • Social, Family, Work

9. Why do women tend to have higher ranks in NAM's over men?

  • Females are seen as more natural
  • Females link to polytheism
  • Females are seen as caring and nurturing

10. what are the three type of deprivation according to Glock and Stark?

  • Social, Cultural, Ethical
  • Social,Organismic, Ethical
  • Material, Social, Relative