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2. Who believes that religious helps communities bond through social values and norms?

  • Durkhiem
  • Weber
  • Marx
  • Ahmed

3. What does Modood et al look at?

  • Asian religion and how its interlinked with family life
  • Muslim values and norms
  • Christians intergrating religion into societies norms and values

4. How does Anglican styles of worship differ from that of pentecostalism?

  • A - Formal P - Informal
  • A - Formal P - Congregation dancing
  • A - Informal P - Hymns and Songs

5. how is conflict shown through Ethnicity?

  • new comers that do not assimilate can cause conflict
  • New comers that attempt radical change can cause conflict
  • New comers that resent the ways of the host country can cause conflict


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