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2. What type of religion does Birds Dual Role link to? and what is the dual roles?

  • Penticoastalism - Cope in a racist society and encourages work hard and clean living values
  • Penticoastalism - Cope with the changes of society and to deal with racism
  • Evangelical - Encourages work hard ethic and changes in society

3. How does religion cause a conflict in the new community?

  • Can cause resentment if the new comers don't assimilate
  • Conflicting values and norms
  • can equal resentment due to differing cultural values

4. What does Modood et al say about the difference between religion in Asian communities and Afro-Caribbean communities

  • Asians - Intricately connected through ethnicity Afro-Caribbean - Religion through family traditions
  • Asians - Through family values and norms Afro-Caribbean - Religion through group participation

5. Who states that religion helps communities bond through shared values and norms?

  • Modood et al
  • Durkheim
  • Weber


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