AQA A2 Sociology - Beliefs - Feminist Approach

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1. What does El Saadawi say about religion and women?

  • A more patriarchal society has caused oppression, however it was not due to religion
  • Rise of monotheism caused oppression
  • Increase of monotheism caused oppression
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2. What does Leila Ahmed think about the veil?

  • Freeing women from male sexual harassment
  • Oppressive
  • Does not have a say on this topic

3. Who believes that the veils is oppressive to women and why?

  • Armstrong - Keeping them anonymous
  • Aldridge - Keeping then anonymous
  • Aldridge - Separates them from making friends

4. Do women benefit from being involved in the chuch

  • Yes
  • No

5. Woodhead believes that the veil is a form of women being able to enter society?

  • Yes
  • No


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