AQA A2 Sociology - Beliefs - Feminist Approach

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1. What is a positive of religion seen my some feminists?

  • All feminists believe its a negative
  • Can be liberating
  • Can be used as a psychological function
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2. What is the term for women being segregated from men in the place of religion

  • Patriarchal segregation
  • Places of Worship
  • Sacred Text

3. How are women usually portayed in Religious texts?

  • Equal to men
  • Evil, anonymous,
  • Saints, Saviours, Martyrs
  • Depends on religion

4. Feminists see society and religion as being ....?

  • Communist
  • Patriarchal
  • Impressive
  • Exploiting

5. Who looked at the marginalisation of women due to monotheistic religions?

  • Richards
  • Daley et al
  • Armstrong
  • Lowe


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