AQA A2 Psychology Unit 3 - Relationships - Parental Investment

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1. What does Geher et al look at when it comes to the anxiety levels of males and females?

  • Equal levels of anxiety
  • Males have higher levels of anxiety
  • Females have higher levels of anxiety
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2. Who looked at the sexual arousal of males when shown sexual imagery?

  • Anderson
  • Harris
  • Simmons

3. What is parental investment?

  • Investments made by parents to increase chance of survival
  • Investments made by family to help parents in chance of offspring survival
  • Investments given by parents into child education specifically

4. Why do females invest more?

  • Eggs more costly, time taken in pregnancy
  • They will earn more so will pay more
  • Know its their child so want to pay more

5. Maternal grandparents have more investment why?

  • This is not true
  • Because they know that it's their grandchild
  • Because they tend to have more money


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