AQA A2 Psychology Unit 3 - Relationships - Influence of Childhood

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1. Kirkpatrick and Hazan found a shift between what types of attachment when a breakup occurs?

  • Secure to Insecure
  • Aviodant to insecure
  • Secure to Disorganised
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2. Name a negative effect of adolescent relationships (Haynie)

  • Causes breakdown of security
  • Causes deviant behaviour
  • Can cause serious friendships problems

3. What is the temperamental hypothesis?

  • Temperment over child
  • Personality of the person over attachement
  • Temper of the person

4. what does Alpert et al look at?

  • Lack of parents in childhood
  • Abusive childhoods and the damage
  • Lack of male role model childhoods

5. What was found from Hazan and Shavers love quiz?

  • Childhood trauma does not effect later life relationships
  • Types of attachment formed in early life effect later life realtionships
  • You must have had a type C relationships with your care giver to have a good relationships


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