AQA A2 Psychology Unit 3 - Relationships - Formation

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1. What did Walster et al find about men and attractiveness?

  • They rated physical attractiveness high on women
  • They rated their dress sense high on women
  • They would not go for women under their level of attractiveness
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2. What did Takeuchi 2000 conclude?

  • Women value personality over attractiveness
  • Men value attractiveness more than women
  • Men will rate women on personality then attractiveness
  • Women value financial gain over men

3. What are the two types of relationships?

  • Architectural and Dynamic
  • Dynamic and Cognitive
  • Expression and Personality

4. What did Kendels 1978 study show?

  • That individuals with similar backgrounds were compatible
  • That individuals that had the same income would never work
  • Individuals with different backgrounds were compatible

5. Name one problem with the attractiveness theory?

  • Too Simplistic
  • Gender Bias
  • Culturally bias


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