AQA A2 Psychology Unit 3 - Relationships - Equity Theory

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1. What does Sprecher 1986 find?

  • Individuals who are overly benefited feel hurt
  • individuals who are overly benefited feel uncomfortable,
  • Individuals who are under benefited feel happy
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2. Who studied Equity theory?

  • Buunt and Van Yperen
  • Palmer and Henderson
  • Van Izendorn and Kroonenberg
  • Donald and Champlin

3. What is the Equity theory based on?

  • Dissatisfied couples
  • Fair ratio of give and take
  • Being under and overly benfitted

4. How would the equilibrium be restored between the individuals?

  • Input and output must change
  • It cannot be restored
  • Alter behaviour patterns towards one another

5. What did Dwyer 2000 find?

  • Single sex couples don't have equality
  • Single sex couples put more importance on equality
  • Single sex couples put less importance on ratio


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