AQA A2 Psychology Unit 3 - Relationship - Social Exchange Theory

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1. What is Social Exchange Theory?

  • Relationships are about equality in resources
  • Explains relationships in the terms of maximising benefits and minimising costs
  • Relationships are about Maximising costs and Minimising benefits
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2. This theory does not take into account long term...?

  • Maintence of a relationships
  • Outcome of the relationship
  • Breakdown of the relationship

3. Who studied cultural bias?

  • Moghaddam
  • Clore et al
  • Buunt and Van Yperen
  • Hatfield

4. What does Rusbult 1993 say about the model?

  • Shows how a relationship can breakdown but not how it's maintained
  • Shows how a relationship can be maintained, but to simple to show how it starts
  • Too simplified on how a relationship is maintained

5. What happens to the comparision level is the expectations are not met?

  • Stays the same
  • Goes down
  • Goes up


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