AQA A2 Psychology Unit 3 - Relationship - Reinforcement and Need Satisfaction

This is a quiz on reinforcement theory and Need satisfaction theory

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1. Indirect rewards such as pleasure from association are seen as what type of conditioning?

  • Operant
  • Social Learning Theory
  • Classical
  • Dynamic
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2. What is the problem when using laboratory experiments?

  • Lack Reliability
  • Lack Validity
  • Gender Bias

3. What does Lott 1994 find on cultural difference?

  • non western couples have exchange relationships
  • non-western couples don't regard receiving rewards
  • western couples have communal relationships

4. Direct rewards are seen as what type of conditioning?

  • Social Learning Theory
  • They are not a type of conditioning
  • Operant
  • Classical

5. What two types of relationships were found by Clarke & Mills?

  • Gain and Exchange
  • Loss and Gain
  • Exchange and Communal
  • Benefit and Loss


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