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2. According to Renzetti and Curran, What are boys and girls praised for?

  • Boys - Cleverness, Girls -Neatness
  • Boys - Aggressiveness, Girls - Cleverness
  • Boys - Intelligence, Girls - Aggressiveness

3. Name 2 ethical issues that would cause problems when dealing with under 16's

  • Sensitivity, reductionist
  • Informed consent, accessibility
  • Interviewer bias, Vunerability

4. In television shows according to Thompson et al, females are portrayed as domestic, how are males portrayed?

  • Aggressive
  • Protective
  • Violent

5. Who looked at the effects of books on social influence, and what did they find?

  • Hamilton et al - Stereotyped gender roles
  • Hamilton et al - There are no gender roles shown in childrens books
  • Reid et al - more male than female characters


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