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2. Campbell and Poulin Dubois et al's studies both support eachother, why?

  • Children pay attention to same sex stereotyping much earlier
  • Children don't see gender until 5
  • Gender effects how the child processes the Gender schema

3. Tenenbaun and Leaper (2002) believe that who has an influence on a child's gender schema?

  • Members of Authority
  • Parents
  • Peers

4. What would children look at the create this gender schema

  • role models and their enviroment
  • Role models only
  • Peers and their behaviours

5. What did Campbell (2000) discover about preferences to gender?

  • Boys at ages 9 months preferred to look at boy orientated activities and toys
  • Boys and girls ages 10 months looked at the opposite gender and their activities
  • Girls aged 7 months had no preference on which gender they watched


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