AQA A2 Psychology Unit 3 - Gender - Gender Dysphoria 2

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1. Who looks at Gender Dysphoria in the long term?

  • Zucker - Only 12% of gender dysphoric children between 2-18 were still gender dysphoric by 18
  • Zucker - Only 20% of gender dysphoria children stayed like it until they were 21
  • Money & Harvis - Gender Dysphoria is only short term
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2. How does Biller criticise Stoller on the families of Boys with Gender Dysphoria?

  • They have an absent father and are overly close to their mothers
  • They have an absent father - No role model to look up to
  • The also have depressed mothers and absent fathers

3. What does Stoller find about the families of Girls with Gender Dysphoria?

  • Depressed Mothers and Absent Fathers
  • Depressed mothers and distant fathers
  • Overly close to father, and distant from mothers

4. How long must the feelings of gender dysphoria last and what must it interfere with?

  • Over 6 months, with everyday functioning
  • Over 2 weeks, with everyday tasks
  • Over 2 months, with everyday functioning

5. What is the definition of Gender Dysphoria?

  • A strong, persistent, cross gender identification
  • A feeling of cross gender identification lasting over 2 weeks


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