AQA A2 Psychology Unit 3 - Gender - Gender Constancy Theory

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1. How does Slaby and Frey support this theory?

  • Children pay attention to their own same sex role model after constancy reached
  • Children pay attention to the opposite sex to see what not to do in the gender stability stage
  • Children pay attention to their own same sex role models during the transfer from gender identity to gender stability
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2. At what age does Gender Identity start according to Kohlberg?

  • 4-6
  • 2-3
  • 3-5

3. How does Kohlbergs theory differ that of Martin and Halverston's?

  • Gender schema age is 2
  • Gender Schema age is 4
  • Not as many stages that the child goes through

4. What two things does Kohlbergs theory take into account which are not reductionists and easy to generalise?

  • Cognitive and Biological
  • Social and Biological
  • Biological and Chemical
  • Cognitive and Social

5. What are the three stages to the Gender Constancy Theory?

  • Gender Identity, Gender Stability and Gender Constancy
  • Gender Identification, Gender Stabilisation and Gender Continuity
  • Genetic Impulse, Gender Constancy and Gender Processing (Mental and Physical)


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