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2. What type of behaviour do children ages 6 learn, and which stage do they learn it?

  • Gender Identity, Anti-social behaviour
  • Gender Stability, Gender appropriate behaviour
  • Gender Constancy, Gender appropriate behaviour
  • Gender Stability, Right from wrong

3. In stage two of the Gender Constancy theory, what does the child think of gender?

  • That it can change, due to the activities they partake in i.e. female or male roles
  • That gender is constant
  • That gender changes due to how they are socialised

4. How does Kohlbergs theory differ that of Martin and Halverston's?

  • Gender schema age is 2
  • Gender Schema age is 4
  • Not as many stages that the child goes through

5. Who created the Gender Constancy Theory?

  • Kohlberg
  • Tonin
  • Martin and Halverson
  • James et al


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