AQA A2 Psychology Unit 3 - Eating Behaviour - Food Preferences 2

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1. What does Dunn state about humans dental structures and their food preferences?

  • Dental structures do not allow us to consume large amounts of meat
  • Dental structure closer to herbivores, if carnivorous we would also eat raw meat
  • Dental structure closer to carnivores, explaining are meat preference
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2. In meat preferences, who looked at longevity is linked to vegetarianism?

  • Oakland
  • Kendrick
  • Mckillip
  • Bland

3. What does Beauchamp find when an individual had a sodium deficiency ?

  • People with a sodium deficiency have an innate response to eat specific foods
  • Children in sodium deficiency will eat high amounts of salt in early life
  • Adults to have a sodium deficiency will eat certain types of food to counteract their deficiency

4. Why did Stefansson criticise the claim that Surgary tastes are a universal food preference?

  • He claims that Sugary tastes may also be seen as toxic in some countries
  • As when given to the Copper Eskimos, they disliked it
  • As when given to the Indians, they disliked it

5. What do Bitter and Sour tastes usually indicate?

  • Rotten Food
  • Toxins
  • Good food
  • Bad


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