AQA A2 Psychology Unit 3 - Eating Behaviour - Food Preference

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1. Who criticies Gibson & Wardle, on the claim that humans may have been vegetarians?

  • Gregory - Not enough nutience for brain development
  • Abram - not enough calories to survive
  • Abram - not enough plants around to gain the weight in order to survive
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2. Why was having high fat foods important?

  • As it has high amounts of energy
  • Aids survival as allows you to survive long periods of time without food
  • To keep us warm in the colder months

3. What does EEA stand for?

  • Environment of Evolutionary Adaptation
  • Evolutionary Explanations of Adaptation
  • Evolutionary Environment and Adaptations

4. What were the two main sources of food?

  • Animals and other Humans
  • Animals & Plants
  • Plants and Sea creatures

5. In Stanford (1999) study, what were the parts of the body that the chimps ate first?

  • Brain, Kidneys and Liver - as they have the most nutrients
  • Stomach and Kidneys - had the most amount of food in them
  • Eyes, Skin and Flesh - As they had the most amount of fat in them


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