AQA A2 Psychology Unit 3 - Eating Behaviour - Food Preference

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1. What did Milton (2008) look at in regards to preference to meat?

  • Aids survival as it is filled with fat
  • Meat is packed with nutrients and it aids brain development
  • Meat is packed with calories and is used for energy
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2. In Stanford (1999) study, what were the parts of the body that the chimps ate first?

  • Brain, Kidneys and Liver - as they have the most nutrients
  • Stomach and Kidneys - had the most amount of food in them
  • Eyes, Skin and Flesh - As they had the most amount of fat in them

3. What does EEA mean?

  • The place in which the species first evolves
  • The place in which the species is first discovered
  • The way the species evolves to adapt to an environment

4. What is the medicine effect?

  • If an animal is ill, they will eat a specific food to make them better
  • If the animal has been made sick by something and recovers, they will eat it again to gain immunity
  • If they animal is hungry they will eat food they know is good for them

5. How was taste aversion shown in Garcias (1956) study?

  • After the rats ate saturnine and became ill, they avoided eating it again
  • After the chimps ate the rotten meat and became ill, they avoided it
  • After the food made them better they used it again as a type of medicine


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