AQA A2 Psychology Unit 3 - Eating Behaviour - Factors effecting

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1. Who found that Chinese women who intergrated into western culture were less likely to eat Chinese food?

  • Liou & Contento
  • Bath et al
  • Leon & Shaplin
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2. What did Macht and Dettmer look at?

  • Apples and chocolate raised mood, chocolate caused guilt
  • Apples and chocolate decreased mood
  • Apples increased mood, chocolate decreased mood

3. Overall evaluations of Health?

  • Culturally bias, Deterministic
  • lack validity

4. What part of eating behaviour does Todhunters study come under?

  • Health effecting eating behaviour
  • Cultural factors effecting eating behaviour
  • Mood effecting eating behaviour

5. Overall evaluations of Culture?

  • Nature v nurture, Body dissatisfaction
  • Validity
  • Reductionist


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