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2. What model did Herman and Polivy create?

  • The Boundary Model
  • The Role of Denial
  • The Support Model

3. Is Individual differences an evaluation of dieting and why?

  • Yes, because people are biologically different, and the food is processed differently
  • Yes, and people eat different foods
  • No, as every deals with losing weight the same way

4. Which theory does Kirkley et al's study on the success of dieting show?

  • Restraint theory
  • Dieting theory
  • Recovering theory
  • Denial theory

5. Which study states that obese people tend to regain the weight back after 6 months after dieting?

  • Mckillip & Jefferson (1998)
  • Lancaster et al (1997)
  • Jeffery (2000)
  • Lowe et al (2004)


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