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2. How does classical conditioning pay a part in AN?

  • Patients associate the need to be skinny with social restrictions
  • The patients associates happiness of being skinny and dieting
  • Patients associate feeling fat with being happy

3. How does operant conditioning effect AN patients?

  • When the patient is rewarded through compliments by friends
  • When the patient is complimented on loosing weight, this is classed as a reward
  • When the patient is rewarded through not eating by loosing weight

4. How may AN patients use social learning theory

  • imitate their role models
  • Imitate their parents behaviour to food
  • Imitate their peers behaviour towards food

5. What did Groesz et al 2001 look at with social learning theory?

  • Ideal body type causes dysmorphia
  • Ideal body type causes anxiety about weight
  • Ideal body weight causes as increase in dieting


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