AQA A2 Psychology Unit 3 - Eating Behaviour - Anorexia Nervosa - Evolutionary

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1. What is a criticism of the RSH?

  • 25% of AN patients are male, this does not explain their reasoning
  • Women over 25 still become anorexia, this does not explain why
  • Does not explain why children become anorexic
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2. How does this theory link to modern day?

  • Girls control their weight to say pre-pubescent
  • Girls control their weight so they can stay thin

3. How is this approach deterministic?

  • Does not take into account social and biological factors
  • Does not take into account free will

4. Who came up with the Reproductive Suppression Hypothesis?

  • Surbey
  • James and Jacobs
  • Greeley

5. What is a problem with the evolutionary approach on AN?

  • Does not explain why women who don't want children don't have AN
  • It cannot explain how is passes on as genetics
  • Can't explain why older women have it


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