AQA A2 Law Unit 3 - Non Fatal Offences - GBH S20

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1. What is the Mens Rea for GBH?

  • Malicious intent and recklessness
  • Malicious intent or subject recklessness
  • Intent or subject recklessness
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2. What did the case of R v Dica outline?

  • Biological GBH - HIV
  • Chemical GBH - type of wounding
  • Malicious wounding - violence that takes place before or after crime

3. Which case outlines that there must be enough to foresee some harm to the victim?

  • Dica
  • Clarence
  • Mowatt
  • James

4. Would disfigurement count as GBH S20?

  • Depends on the severity
  • Yes
  • No

5. Which case outlines the term "Infliction" and why?

  • Clarence - as the defendant infected his partner with gonorrhoea, but as she consented it didn't count
  • Clarence - as the defendant infected his partner knowingly
  • Bollom - as the severity of the abrasions are taken into account


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