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2. What is the maximum sentencing for GBH S18?

  • 6 Months
  • Life
  • 5 Years

3. What is the Mens Rea for GBH S18?

  • Malicious intent to cause serious harm / maliciously resisting arrest and cause a foreseeable harm
  • Malicious intent to cause serious harm
  • Maliciously resisting arrest
  • Intent or Subject Recklessness

4. What is the Actus Reus of GBH S18

  • Unlawful wounding and Unlawful infliction of GBH / Resisting Arrest
  • Unlawful wounding and Resisting Arrest
  • Resisting arrest

5. Which is more severe GBH S20 or GBH S18?

  • Both are equal depending on situation
  • GBH S18
  • GBH S20


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