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2. What is the MR of Battery?

  • Proof that the defendant intentionally or recklessly applied force to another
  • Direct or Oblique intention to cause some level of harm to victim
  • Intentionally causing a level of force upon defendant - no Recklessness

3. What happened in the case of Thomas (1985)?

  • Defendant hit the girl lightly on the head - Force
  • Defendant pulled on girls skirt - Clothes are extension of the body
  • Defendant pulled on girls hair - Hair is an extension of the body

4. What happened in the case of Latimer?

  • Transferred Malice - Intention to hit a man, hit a woman instead
  • Transferred Malice - Intention to hit friend, hit a window instead
  • Battery, and unlawful force against a friend through throwing stones

5. What happens when implied consent is used?

  • Always battery, whatever the situation
  • To a normal level = no battery
  • To any level, as long as there is consent = No battery


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