AQA A2 Law Unit 3 - Loss of control and Diminished Responsibility

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1. How does the new law help women?

  • Gives rights to Battered wife Syndrome
  • Helps with post-natal depression
  • Doesn't it's equal to both
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2. How does the new law help the case of Thornton?

  • No objective and Subjective test
  • The act does not have to be sudden
  • Needs a fear of serious violence

3. How can Intoxication be used as a defence in Diminished responsibility?

  • It cannot be used under any circumstances
  • If brain effected or Wholly Involuntary
  • If a murder has occurred under the influnce
  • Only if voluntary

4. Abnormality of mind alters - Perception of physical matters, Ability to exercise rational judgement and ...?

  • Ability to exercise willpower with that judgement
  • Ability to perform the tasks to a reasonable being
  • Ability to perform restraint

5. What act does diminished responsibility come under?

  • Criminal Justice Act 1978
  • Offences against the person Act 1974
  • The Homicide act 1957
  • The Coroner and Justice Act 1953


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