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2. How does the new law help the case of Thornton?

  • The act does not have to be sudden
  • Needs a fear of serious violence
  • No objective and Subjective test

3. What two parts come under "things said and/or done?"

  • Extremely grave in character, Justified sense of being wronged
  • Qualifying trigger, suddenness
  • Grave character, serious violence feared

4. Abnormality of mind alters - Perception of physical matters, Ability to exercise rational judgement and ...?

  • Ability to exercise willpower with that judgement
  • Ability to perform the tasks to a reasonable being
  • Ability to perform restraint

5. Which case confirms the result in Gittens?

  • Dietschmann 2003
  • Williams 2007
  • Dica 2004


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