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6. What happened in the case of Litchfield 1998?

  • Duty of care was broken though a chain of causation
  • Defendant had a duty of care towards crew
  • Defendant broke duty of care towards migrants

7. What does the case of Lamb outline

  • No apprehended fear, no Unlawful act
  • Apprehended fear, unlawful act
  • Has to be deemed dangerous to children also

8. What is outlined in the case of Dawson under UAM?

  • Risk of harm refers to mental harm
  • Risk of harm refers to physical harm
  • Risk of harm refers to Mental and Physical harm

9. Does the unlawful act have to be the only cause

  • No
  • As long as it's not trivial
  • Yes

10. What is the Actus Reus for Unlawful act?

  • Specific Intent to cause GBH, Reasonable person in being, Caused Death
  • Unlawful Act, Which is Dangerous, Caused death, Unlawful act were defendant has MR
  • Unlawful act, Reasonable person in being, Dangerous, Caused Death

11. What case outlines the Actus Reus for GNM?

  • Adomako
  • Kennedy
  • Gibbins & Proctor
  • Bateman

12. Is a Mens Rea Necessary for UAM?

  • Dependant
  • No
  • Yes

13. What was the result of Goodfellow 1986?

  • Nothing
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder