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2. What must the prosecution prove that the defendant was...?

  • Not acting to defend themselves, Not acting to defend property or prevent crime and that they used necessary force
  • That the defendant was not defending himself or his property at the time of the incident
  • That he used over the level of reasonable force

3. What two types of force are applicable to both self defence and the prevention of crime?

  • Necessity of force, Reasonableness of force
  • Use of force either express or implied
  • Relevance of force and the purpose of its use

4. What is the necessity of force?

  • When the use of force is not justified, it is not necessary
  • When the level of force used is not necessary
  • When the use of force causes more than substantial injury

5. Who decides whether the use of force was reasonable?

  • Jury
  • Victim
  • Judge
  • Defendant


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