AQA A2 Law Unit 3 - Defences - Intoxication

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1. What was the conviction in the case of Lipman 1970 and why?

  • Manslaughter, as the defendant was reckless and this is not covered in Intoxicatio
  • Manslaughter with the defence of intoxication, as the defendant took the LSD involuntarily
  • Murder, as the defendant had already had the MR before becoming intoxicated
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2. Why was there no defence of intoxication in the case of AG for Northern Ireland v Gallagher?

  • As the defendant brought the knife to kill his wife then got drunk and killed her
  • As the defendant's crime was of basic intent
  • As they had already developed the MR before intoxication

3. Which case outlines voluntary intoxication and basic intent?

  • R v Dytham
  • DPP v Smith
  • DPP v Majewski 1976
  • R v Lancaster

4. What type of intent must the crime be, to use intoxication as a defence?

  • Specific Intent
  • Basic Intent

5. What does the defendant have to use, to use the defence of intoxication

  • Just Illegal substances
  • Just legal substances
  • Drink, Drugs or other substances
  • Just alcohol


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