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2. What case outlines Voluntary/ Specific intent?

  • R v Dica
  • Lamb v Landcaster
  • Sheeman & Moore (1975)
  • DPP v James

3. What was outlined in the case of Kingston 1994?

  • Even though his coffee was drugged he still had the relevant MR
  • That he could use the defence of intoxication as he was involuntarily drugged

4. Why can't the defence of intoxication be used if the defendant was voluntarily intoxicated?

  • As they have both the AR and MR of the crime
  • As they have the relevant Mens Rea for the offence whilst intoxicated
  • As they take on responsibility at the time of consumption

5. What type of intent must the crime be, to use intoxication as a defence?

  • Specific Intent
  • Basic Intent


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